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I love the dark feel of the song combined with the sweet flow of the clean guitars in the verses, with the vocals it kinda sounds like an old fear factory song, good effort!


Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks dude I'm glad you enjoyed it :).


What's going on?? How random, didn't expect anyone to try and sing over this, but you did pretty well, you sound kinda like the pendulum singer, the autotune got a bit wobbly at points, but good effort man.

Cheers for using my music!

BotonyProduktions responds:

Aha you finally noticed man. Thanks for making some banging tracks man. Pendulum FTW! xD Glad you liked it.


So epic and evil I think my soul melted!

An overall good mix of levels, the only thing I would say is the guitars are overdriven to the point that they sound a bit gated if that makes sense? but maybe that was the desired effect, reminded me of a kind of nightwish-y guitar sound.

Loved it as always man!

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for review.
The guitars sound a bit gated because of sudden stop. That have to do more with the way I played the samples (it's sampled and played on keyboard).
I will make some track with real guitar (well, that was also real but sampled and then made the part) and you'll see the same distortion how reacts on real guitar playing.


This is both ridiculous and sexy at the same time!

Im going to give this 9 because some of the double kick sounds too impossible for human legs lol

Keep up the good work!!!

PS - Is that you screaming?

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Yep, I did all of the vocals for this one. Thanks for checking ti out man.


Ridiculous!! But awesome! Like boss music on gameboy


I like the kind of fun element this song had, defiantly an interesting take on the scooby doo theme song

The only thing I could say in critisism is the guitars were a little quiet compared to everything else (especially the bass drum)

Awesome stuff!!

- Joe

pitchblak responds:

Thanks for the review man,yeah,I always have a difficult time mixing tracks....especially with the kick drum.haha Keep Rockin and Thanks for taking the time to review the song!!

Face melting!

You are definatly one tight guitarist!! This song felt original and well thought out.

My only critisim is your guitar tone, it felt a bit...blocky and crunchy, what are you recording through?

Apart from that, awesome, i like the weird dj section in the middle!

- Joe


What a touching and well thought out song! The piano flows so well combined with the soft strings in the background, too good for this site!

- Joe

Cayler responds:

Really I love posting my stuff here because Newgrounders give a lot of positive feedback!

Nice man

Katie sounds good man!!! Nice one Ash.


Well, I didn't know what to expect when the clean intro started up, then your immense guitars blew me away! Your production levels are much higher than the standard on NG, crisp guitars, fat bass, the only thing I can say there is, the drums had a very programmed sound (which im guessing they are) maybe try spreading some reverb on them to make it sound moe live? You have a very Metallica kind of sound going on, but your solo's are truly something else. I wish I could play like that. Nice one! Keep it up man!

rocker206 responds:

Hey thanks for the advice man! Your stuff is fucking great man...I'll be sure to visit your page again!

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