2013 Submissions

Crunchy McGee General Rock Song
TDT - Wolves of the Calla General Rock Song
TDT - The Dark Tower General Rock Song
TDT - Wizard and Glass Heavy Metal Song
Bottle of Bourbon Heavy Metal Song
Great Odin's Raven Heavy Metal Song
Get Rough (Acoustic) General Rock Song
As I Bleed 2 (No Vox) Heavy Metal Song
The Fight (demo) Punk Song
Guitar Challenge...Thingy Heavy Metal Song
Road Trip (Demo) General Rock Song
Out of This World (Acoustic) General Rock Song

2007 Submissions

Super Nova (The Journey) General Rock Song
Engage In Heavy Metal Song
As I Bleed (Demo) Heavy Metal Song
Nemesis '06 Heavy Metal Song
Cheesy Riff Heavy Metal Loop
Through The Eyes of a Child Heavy Metal Song
Broken Wings Part 2 Ambient Song
Broken Wings Part 1 Heavy Metal Song
Names Classical Song
Loss of Me Classical Song
Nightmare Equinox Classical Song
This Tradegy First Heavy Metal Song
-| Endless |- General Rock Song
The Oath Classical Song
Cait Sith's Theme Video Game Song
Resonant Evil Ambient Song
Reflections (Acoustic) General Rock Song
Hollow... General Rock Song
Clean - Part 1 General Rock Loop
Vienna Bridge Classical Loop
Harmonized Acoustics Classical Song
Help! Classical Song
Acoustic Shed Classical Loop
Etheral Acoustics Classical Loop
The Mexican Song General Rock Loop
Interlude Part 2 v1.5 Classical Song
Interlude Part 1 Classical Song
Interlude Part 2 General Rock Song
Meat Loaf Heavy Metal Song