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Thanks for using my song man, i worked well with the scene you used it in. Although it was compressed quite alot, so you couldnt hear the beginning, next time, cut out the bits of the song you dont need, and it should make the file size smaller.
Anyway, back to your movie. I REALLY loved the story, it was definatly FF inspired (but i cant talk, cause so is myu music) it ranges from comedy to serious emotions between the alien dude and the captain. Graphics werent great, but hey, you're new, dont let the others get to you, newgrounds tends to be very elite. At least you got out there and tried, they have submitted no flashes themselves. So yeh, keep it up. Use my music for your next eh? :P

Darcath responds:

I found so many songs in the audio portal under your name that I can see fitting perfectly with my next episodes. I think you can prolly safely say that at least one of your songs will be included in every episode.


...amazing, looks like alot of time and effort has gone into making this..its great!


why cant everyone's first flash be like this? It was amzing, nice work man! funny!


...ha ha, that was actually really cool, bit random, but there's nowt wrong with that. One thing though

"Do not watch if you are suffering from seizures"

what...right now? lol


..uh...im english...and im sorry, that WASNT barmy army...and you're english impression os a bit shite, it just sounded like a posh american. I could see what you were getting at...just wasnt that funny...

Battosai810 responds:

Well, thats what the song title came up as when I found it for the animation, sorry. Also, looking back, it is more of a posh American accent. Sorry you didn't like it.


...omg..trivium... i love you!!! "we are the deciiieveeddd" anyway...to the movie...it was cool man, i loved the way the sticks moved, much better than the normal stick shit you get on here. Keep it up!!!


Wow, thanks alot for using my song!! I really like this movie, the music works really well with your movie! I love the silent movie feel to it, and the alien fights were just great with explosions on string. It was like what the song's orignal story was about (Epic war, etc) except it was set in medevial times...and there wasn't aliens involved...so, it wasn't really anything like it, but it was cool anyway :P

Just one thing...why'd you cut up the song so badly? You could of asked me, and I could have done you a different version for your movie that fitted with what was going on and flowed together, you made it kinda jumpy. But apart from that, keep up the good work! And thanks again for using my song.

KindaCreepy responds:

Hey sorry i cut up the song but when i created the first version the song did fit perfectly but when i edited it down itdidn't quite fit. Yeah i should have asked for a shorter version but hey i'm glad you liked it.


Thanks for using my song man, seems some people didn't like it very much :s ...ah well. Mind bending stuff...keep up the good work

01sfisher responds:

dude i shoud be thanking you that is just the music i needed i went through be4 i found yours


*Who's sleeping on my side of the bed tonight? Have you ever cried so hard, baby you just diiiieedd*

Apart from that..it sucked..the action was too slow paced..and the story wasn't obvious unless you read the description of the movie..and waaaay too much shape tweening for my liking...


FUCK YES!! Finally a cartoon about onions gone rogue...I love it man...beautifuly done...

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